• Introducing
    Nomlaki Technologies' Plasma Enhanced Melter®

    The ultra-clean and highly efficient
    Waste-to-Energy Solution.

  • Feedstocks

    The PEM can recieve various types of material to turn into energy. We have expertise in turning feedstocks-to-energy (XTE) as well as turning feedstocks-to-liquid fuels (XTL). See the Feedstock brochure for more information.

  • Products

    Depending on the material put into the PEM®, the PEM can produce energy, fuels and a number of usable chemicals and materials. See our products brochure for more infomation.

  • Configuration & Design

    Download the brochure for further infomation about capacity and cost considerations:

  • Tested & Proven

    Since 1996 InEnTec has constructed over one dozen PEM systems, including it's most recently deployed commercial scale facilities. Please see the PEM Facilities page on the InEnTec website for further details.

Alternative Energy Solutions

Dedicated to innovative technologies that can help improve the environment and deliver new clean and sustainable energy sources, Nomlaki Technologies, LLC formed an alliance with InEnTec Inc., the developer and owner of the Plasma Enhanced Melter (PEM®) gasification system.

Nomlaki Technologies:

8(a) tribally-owned alternative energy solutions and construction company serving the federal government since 2007